Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

In honor of Fashionlaine's launch, a few of my friends and I celebrated by heading to my latest favorite and greatest spot in LA, Laurel Hardware. Fashionlaine is dedicated to showing everything that inspires me and therefore, I wanted to dedicate the evening to the biggest factors of my inspiration--my friends. Throughout my life, my friends have inspired me in many ways from work to school to personally and of course, fashionably. This post is dedicated to them and their styles, showing that everyone is a little fashionista.

The big trend at Laurel is for people to bring their own birthday cakes. Thinking how that is probably the cutest idea ever, I thought, could it get anymore appropriate than doing it for the birth of Fashionlaine? The official Fashionlaine cake below is from yummy Magnolia Bakery with of course my favorite flavor, Red Velvet, on the inside.