Fashionlaine Friday: Fake Drake

drake espys Ok I'm totally a little late to this game but just came across this Jimmy Kimmel x Drake segment video a few days ago and it was too hilarious that it was a no-brainer that he had to become this week's Fashionlaine Friday. But the real question is... how did people seriously not know that it was Drake?!

Fashionlaine Friday: Circle of Life

lion king broadway Sometimes the day deserves a little feel good video and today is that day over here at Fashionlaine. Flights are long and strenuous and can be the opposite thing of fun. But these passengers not only enjoyed themselves and their flight, but fully made this a flight that EVERYONE would want to be on. After having an amazing day at the Lion King on Broadway season launch announcement, these cast members took to an impromptu "Circle of Life" performance on their Virgin flight from Brisbane to Sydney. And I mean... if this isn't one of your favorite songs ever, what is? Happy Friday!

Fashionlaine Friday: Cupcake Wars

cupcake wats Man, who DOESN'T want a cupcake?! I've been seeing this video go around a few times this week and all I saw was "3 year old arguing for a cupcake" so instantly had to check it out. And lemme just tell you, this may have been the most profound and elegant argument I have ever seen. Let's be real, everyone deserves a cupcake, and I gotta hand it to this kid with his "listen, listen" and "honey, honey" that he would've instantly sold me. I'm pretty sure we have a lawyer or politician or cupcake ambassador in the making here. Now time to head out and get a cupcake.