A Cand-vas Body

When you see this girl around town, "fashionista" automatically comes to mind. With always the most insanely awesome, unique, and intricate pieces, and the look of the ultimate chic boho hipster queen, Candice and her style can be spotted from miles away. Drooling over this girl's outfits and style for years, even just looking at today's outfit with this ridiculously insane polka dot romper (that looks like a crop top/ high waisted shorts combo) and this beyond Culta Gaia purse, you can clearly see why Candice is my inspiration of the day. Inspired by fashion goddesses including Mary Kate and Ashley for their boho chic baggy style and Lana Del Rey for her classic yet futuristic, hipster and gangster blend, Candice's look hits all different fields. What's unique about Candice is that she doesn't need a lot to overpower her outfits. With barely ever any jewelry on and very minimal makeup (her fun lipstick colors is all she needs to tie in the outfit), Candice's clothes speak for themselves. While many (including myself) might throw on a variation of the same outfit throughout the week for ease, Candice likes to emphasize each outfit being its own identity and look. With the mentality and belief that your body is a canvas, Candice is nothing short of a fashion artist.

Romper: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Sam Edelman // Purse: Cult Gaia // Phone Cover: Etsy