A Day In The Park

With such pretty LA days still amongst us, I'm trying to soak in and seize every opportunity to cherish all of my favorite summer outfits. High waisted shorts, bandeau tops and double rings are my signature key pieces. If I see a pair of shorts in a store and they're high waisted, it's almost a guarantee that I'll buy them before the day is over. And if I'm going for the comfortable shoe look, combat boots are a must. It's now to a point that I've worn my boots out so much that I need to buy a new pair! So sad that this beautiful weather will be coming to an end soon, but until it does, I'll enjoy my time in the sun.

Top: Vintage // Bottom: Forever 21 // Shoes: Dolce Vita // Necklace: H&M // Jadore Ring: Forever 21 // Studded Double Rings: BCBG //