ASOS Penthouse: Santa Monica Edition

In this day and age, if you're not an online shopper, you're so behind on the times. Cute clothes, reasonable prices, free shipping, and an easy return policy? AND you don't even need to move farther than from your computer to do it all? Pretty genius if you ask me. Of course, many if not all big brands and stores have been doing this for a while now. But it's not until a little company by the name of ASOS came in, that online shopping got dominated to a whole new level. I remember the days when when I'd ask my friends where they got their amazing clothes from to which they would all respond with "I bought if off ASOS". Finally tired of feeling so out of the loop of this huge fashion secret that apparently everyone knew about except for me, I went to discover for myself. And then as the popular saying goes.... "it was all history".

Being one of the leading online shopping websites (and not to mention the coolest), ASOS took their cool factor to another level this summer by doing a  Penthouse series. Taking over different exclusive locations from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas to the Soho Beach House in Miami to the Clift Hotel in San Francisco, you can imagine my excitement when I heard the ASOS Penthouse was making a stop at the new hotspot 41 Ocean last Saturday in Santa Monica. With an amazing Instagram Instaprint station (obviously my favorite part), live performances by DJs and bands including Big Black Delta and Corners, a cool interactive Samsung tablet wall, and the most stylish fashionistas and hipsters that the Westside had to offer, the ASOS Penthouse event reminded me once again about why I love them so much and why buying from them is such a must-have to your life (and your closet).