Blonde Hair Don't Care

It's that time of year where people are throwing out the old and coming with the new. I had a moment last weekend where I was freaking out that I didn't have any summer clothes (I know... a disaster!)  so I went on a mall tour of Los Angeles and pretty much bought out all of the Beverly Center... and then directly proceeded to Century Century where I then went ahead and bought out that whole mall as well. But while we're getting into a summer flurry and buying endless new attire, let's not forget about the other updates that should be made also... like our hair. Whether that be a new cut, hairstyle, parting your hair to the side instead of down the middle, or a new color, switching up the hair is a total necessity for the summer time. Last year was the first time I ombre'd my hair, super nervous to make the switch (practically holding my breath the whole time while the transformation went underway). But since then, I can't even imagine not being a wannabe blondie. Going back last week and reombre'ing the ombre as I like to call it, I was yet again fearful about the change, as I hate to make changes, especially to my appearance. Cutting my hair like half an inch (which to me still feels like 15 inches), letting the look sink in for a few, I feel like a whole new me, ready to now roll for the summer--which is just as important as any outfit you can buy.

Top: Topshop // Skirt: H&M (similar here) // Shoes: H&M // Jewelry:  Forever 21 (thick gold chain necklace), H&M (studded gold chain necklace), BCBGeneration (neon bracelet)