Coachella Musts: Boys Edition

coachella boys fashion Coachella. It's one of the most self-induced fashion stressed weekends of all times. What to wear? What to bring? How do you look cute while not boiling in the sun or freezing at night in the desert? And how do you perfectly embody the look of a music lover that ranges from Outkast to Muse to Calvin Harris? While this (and actually getting a ticket because let's be real, who actually bought their ticket during the pre-sale two weeks after Coachella 2013?) becomes an everyday struggle for girls around the world a few months leading up to the two big weekends, there's something that's never touched upon-- the boys. Boys have it rough too. They want to look and feel just as fashionable as the girls. Yet while girls have had guides for years about what is deemed 'Chella approps (i.e. neon, crop tops, booty shorts, fringe, and floral on floral crowns all day everyday), the guys are lost in the wind, not knowing in what direction they should take their outfits. Well have no fear, that is why I'm here. Many of my guy friends constantly ask me to do guy related posts on my blog and so today, I'm dedicating this one to the boys. I'm taking to some of the most easy and accessible stores that you know already and love and giving you the Fashionlaine 101 on what I think is the most perfect Coachella boys outfit.

1) Hat swag is super important for your look. You need something to keep your head from burning away in the sun, yet it needs to be stylish at the same time. I'm all into the colors and patterns to which your full Coachella look should embody, and this funky yet fun cap does that all. Forever 21, $9.80

2Your sunglasses are going to be your savior for the whole weekend so why not get the cutest ones you can find. Rule #1 is to never take any super expensive sunnies that you would never want to lose (aka like when I lost a pair of Ray Bans in 2012). So find a pair that's less expensive yet still super stylish like these wire framed sunnies that are to die for. American Apparel, $45

3) The tank. I'm not always all for the tank look on guys, but Coachella is 100% tank approved. Per my basis on the decision on the shorts (see #6), you need a tank that's a little less chaotic, yet not super boring and simple at the same time. What I love about Urban Pockets is their use of pops of color that take that regular old tank from simple to unique. Urban Pockets, $19.99 (type in "Fashionlaine" as the code at checkout to get a discount!)

4) I respect and appreciate any guy that can rock bracelets. It's kinda the thing I really get into and love when I see a guy do it (maybe it has something to do with my days working at Hollister). I think little wrap or woven bracelets show that subtle sense of style and taste without getting too carried away. And pairing it with your amazing Coachella wristband makes your arm the ultimate festival arm swag. H&M, $9.95

5) I'm not typically a wearer of watches but yet whenever it's festival season, I instantly think about a cute watch I need to pair with my outfits. And going along with my theme of colors, your watch should reflect it the same way. Loving fun little neon watches like this super inexpensive one from Forever 21 would be the perfect add on. Forever 21, $9.80

6) The shorts. This and the tank top are the two most important parts to an outfit (naturally). What I love about Coachella is that you can really go all out with your outfits and wear anything that you've always wanted to secretly wear but feel like you'd get judged wearing in your normal everyday life. Well listen up boys, patterned shorts are for the win. I love and respect any guy that isn't afraid to throw in some patterns into their style, and Coachella is more than the perfect time to do it. Whether it's bathing suit bottoms or a pair of funky shorts, step outside your comfort zone and make this outfit work. And in reverse, you can do a more chaotic pattern-loving induced tank and more simple (yet still colorful) pair of bottoms as well. Zara, $59.90

7) Last but not least, the shoes. I'm very anti mandals (man sandals). Sorry boys, I don't think they're cute. But I'm also anti sandals for girls and guys in general for festivals because goodbye to your toes, they're going to get stomped on a trillion times while you're trying to jam to Duck Sauce in the Sahara Tent. So for me, sneakers and tennies are always the way to go. The most important is to find a good pair that is 100% comfortable since you'll be in them for over 6 hours. And obvi, if you can find one that's also extremely freakin cute like these, you're golden. H&M, $49.95