Cuz I'm Awesome

I always say that it's important to let loose with your outfits and throw in some cute and fun pieces into your style, making your look different than others around you. As I've pointed out a few times like here, I'm a major sucker for shirts with sayings. So when I was rounding up and finalizing the last of my Coachella outfits and came across this bandeau that said "Awesome!", I obviously got so excited and knew I had to buy.  Of course to complete the look, I paired with colorful high-waisted shorts and some leather converse shoes to keep me comfy through the whole festival (clearly I didn't take into account the crazy wind/sandstorm that almost blew me away though). As all Coachella go'ers had witnessed, floral headbands are always the theme of the festival. So even though I wanted to stray away and be different, when I found this super cute floral headband that ended up matching so perfectly with this outfit, I knew it had to come out and play. Ending up being probably one of my favorite outfits of this fab Coachella weekend, I came to see that being "awesome" can go a long way.

Top: Urban Outfitters // Shorts: Forever 21 // Shoes: Converse // Headband: Fairfax Flea Market // Jewelry: Kim & Zozi (Rainbow/ Thin Neon/Green Bracelets), Rosena Sammi (Silver Mesh Bracelet), BCBG Generation (Yellow Neon Bracelet), StyleQueen (Silver Ring, gold here), Viento (Gold Ring)