Desert Essentials

The big festival under the sun is just around the corner! And if you're anything like me, the preparation for it has been causing more anxiety than the excitement of attending the festival itself. But lucky for us Weekend 1'ers, we still have a whole week to finish hitting the gym to live up to Fitchella, create an epic playlist and prepare car time snacks for Carpoolchella, and most importantly, finalize and bring together the rest of our wardrobe and ensembles to make us the most stylish for Coachella. And for those lost in the sea of vast options and don't know where to begin, I have come to the rescue, creating my top 10 must-haves to steer you in the right direction and to help make you the fairest queen of them all in the desert.

1.) Everyone needs a simple but cute tank to throw on in between pool party hopping and tanning sessions on the grass, and this Tyler Jacobs for Feel The Piece tank is perfect for that! The idea behind Feel the Piece was to create stylish yet comfortable clothes for women. And since I'm a sucker for shirts with epic sayings, being comfy while showing all my festival peers "who's boss" couldn't be a more perfect combo.

2.) I have to admit that I have complete weakness for neon. Is it just me that thinks if there's some neon in the piece, it just automatically becomes ten times better? Of course every girl needs a neon necklace in their collection, ESPECIALLY for Coachella. And this Nissa Jewelry necklace lives up to that necessity hands down.

3.) The purse you carry around with you is probably the most important part of your whole wardrobe, helping you keep all your necessary valuables safe while maneuvering your way through crowds and people. Therefore, having something big enough to fit everything you need yet stylish enough that you don't mind carrying it around with you the whole time is key. And this Joelle Hawkens by Treesje sea-foam color side purse is just that.

4.) Every year, I have a Coachella theme to  my wardrobe, always having a specific look and feel that I'm generally going for. This year's theme? Bandeau tops all the way! Whether it's day or night, a pre-requiste to being considered this year in my Coachella ensembles is if the top is bandeau or not. And this Breeze Comfort one is definitely one to be considered. A breathable top that's cute, has special padding, and a strappy style is the ultimate mix from keeping you from completely melting in the boiling sun.

5.) Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Fossil. Brands that everyone, including myself, typically loves. But when it comes to watches, you'll never see me wearing one of these. Way too serious for my style and taste, I love watches that are fun, easy-going, and add that extra pop of detail to my ensembles. Therefore, Armani Exchange is the one that knows the key and way to my heart. Always knowing how to create the most essential watches to still keep me cool and colorful, their new Neon Face Pop Watches are to die-for. And the best part of all? These watches are unisex! So boys, this one's for you too!

6.) Every year when the beginnings of Coachella season comes around, I automatically go into print and floral mode. Floral shorts, floral bathing suits, floral headbands, floral sunglasses... and the list goes wayy on. So when I spotted this OndadeMar one piece, I got overwhelmed with excitement... and infatuation, feeling the necessity of yet another floral piece in my Spring 2013 collection.

7.) People might think that it's all about the clothes that makes one's outfit. But on the contrary, the jewels you pull out and the accessories you wear are just as important to finalizing the look too. And this Nashelle ring is just that. Obsessed with the style and look, this subtle yet unique piece will pretty much be as much of a showstopper as the rest of what you're wearing.

8.) Re- the point I made in #6, florals all the way! So obviously when I saw this coral colored tropical themed pair of Soludos, it was kind of a no-brainer. When rounding up my shoes for Coachella, I always put comfort before being super stylish. Wedges would never fly (I never really understand the girls that do wear them to the festival), sandals are cute but leave your feet prone to getting stepped on, and sneakers are great if they're light and simple (think Converse high tops, not Nike/ New Balance). But when you can find a pair flats that check off all the boxes of keeping you comfy AND stylish, why settle for anything less?

9.) When I think music festival, I automatically think jean shorts. Simple, easy and the most obvious route to take to mix and match with whatever outfit and look you're going for, jean shorts are my go-tos. But why keep it simple and boring and wear the same old monotone colored jeans you've worn in and out for years? Switch it up and add some color! This dip dye, or as I like to call them "ombre", shorts from Topshop are perfect for continuing the color theme and trend for spring. And obviously since practically the only form of shorts I wear are high-waisted, these were definitely a match made in heaven for me.

10.) Last but DEFINITELY not least, it obviously goes without saying that a headband is the biggest must-have to round up your Coachella look. To me, Coachella is more than just a music festival, it's the accumulation of headbanded hipsters from around the world. Happy and feeling at home with others just like me and my headbanded ways, it does at the same time cause the problem of having me and my style get lost in the sea. Therefore, it's essential to stand your ground, and style, by steering clear from the typical looks that you know the girl right next to you in the Sahara Tent will be wearing. Lucky for us, Deepa Gurnani knows how to change up the game, and with headbands like this beautiful gunmetal ivory stoned one, you'll have no problem standing out in the crowd.