DIY Rompers

One of my all-time favorite things to do when I go shopping is to find pieces that I can make my own. As much as I love my go-to stores like Forever, H&M, Zara, and Urban, that super cute top or dress that I bought from there that makes me feel trendy and unique and fabulous... looks trendy and unique and fabulous on the 18 other girls wearing it in the same room. So what I enjoy to do when I go shopping is to find things that I can call my own. I love going to vintage stores and rummaging through pieces and outfits that many wouldn't give a second glance to but that I see as "having potential". Today's outfit of the day is the latest in the Lainey creations. I found this blue with white lace romper (formerly a dress) at one of the stands at the Fairfax Flea Market. The look and design caught my eye, making me fall instantly in love. The dress had the perfect mixture of an old vintage feel while still looking like it had the possibilities of being something relevant today. When I tried it on as a dress, I had to look past what it currently was and envision what it had the potential to be. I'm known for being obsessed with rompers-- any chance I have to wear one or turn something into one, I probably will. And I simply couldn't resist with this blue number.

{Before & After below}


 Romper: Vintage // Tights: H&M (similar here) // Shoes: Steve Madden