Fashionista To Be Reckoned With

You know when they say the phrase “love at first sight”. While that may sound like the most faulty and cliché statement, I think that can easily be said about my inspiration of the day. I'm so excited about today's inspi, Megan, because I've been obsessed with this girl from the second I met her. It must’ve been around 4 or 5 years ago when we were both little UCLAers and I was finishing up my lunch in the dining area in Ackerman. I bumped into one of my friends on the way to my next class and she introduced me to Megan. From that moment on, I’ve been in love with Megan’s style. And when talking to her more and more, you see Megan’s more than just the cute fashionista girl you see walking around. Such a cheerful, light-hearted, sweet and smart girl, you can’t help but catch her enthusiastic and bubbly charm. A Pinterest and social media extraordinaire and one that shares my love for Nicole Richie, nail art, big sunnies and long skirts (we actually pretty much were wearing the same outfit when we met up to do this shoot), I could talk to Megan for hours without even having to do much explaining about what I’m trying to say, because she just gets it. One of the cutest brides I had ever seen (she put the most amazing mad hatter meets lush and floral theme to her wedding), Megan’s style is never boring. Working for and changing the name of the game via Instagram, Pinterest, and every other social media forum out there, this girl is a fashionista to be reckoned with and one to definitely keep an eye on.

Shirt: Forever 21 // Skirt: Forever 21 // Belt: // Sunglasses: H&M // Shoes: Target // Purse: Rebecca Minkoff // Jewelry: Michael Kors (watch), Varga (pink bauble ring), Vintage (monogram), Luna B (horseshoe ring), Oscar's Jewelry (wedding ring), Chamsa Charm Necklace (Israel), Street Stand in SoHo NYC (brown wrap bracelet)