Fashionlaine & Friends: Amy Roiland / Andy Warhol


Photography: Mayra Lozano

Do you have those people in your life that are just sooo artsy & creative that you feel like you’re in the presence of a real-life creative genius? MEET the person that’s this for me—the Andy Warhol to my Edie Sedgwick—Amy Roiland (aka @afashionnerd)!

It’s so crazy because I had met Amy (through Instagram) literally JUST when I launched Fashionlaine 6 years ago. We met at a super cool coffee place (per Amy’s recommendation!) where we shared our love of photos, fashion, & color together—leading us on this long-term Insta blogging friendship ever since.

When I think of Amy, I instantly think “CREATIVITY” which she conveys with both the outfits & images she puts together. Every time I see one of her new photos pop up on my feed, I instantly think to myself—how did she come up with that?! And let’s not forget how she talks about how she takes a lot of her amazing high-end photos ON HER OWN (say what?!). If that’s not talent I don’t know what is.

Each & every one of Amy’s images is its own masterpiece that can easily be framed and hung up on a wall like a piece of art. That, along with her strategic pop use of color, and HELLO, let’s not forget her signature eyewear glasses!!—it was a no-brainer to me that for today’s 3rd feature in this #FashionlaineAndFriends series, Amy is totallyyyy my modern-day Andy Warhol! Check out her Instagram page and let me know if you agree!

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