Fashionlaine Friday

So I'm starting this new thing for Friday's posts called "Fashionlaine Friday". Since we all get into the "is it the weekend yet?" mode by the time Friday rolls around, I've decided that I want to end the week with posts dedicated to sharing with you some random, fun, simple and mindless links, videos, and other things to enjoy that I've been loving for that week (not necessarily related to fashion). So for my first Fashionlaine Friday, I think it is only suiting to kick it off with two of the most hilarious Js in the game-- Jimmy Fallon and Mr. Suit & Tie, Justin Timberlake. Seeing this video pop up numerous times on my Facebook minifeed this week, I knew I just had to click on it to see what all the buzz was about.

Having to admit to being a serial hashtag overdosed user myself (but like... everything just sounds soooo much better in hashtag form!), Jimmy and JT show us really how silly this new fad may be.

#happyfriday #TGIF #hopeyouhaveagreatweekend