Fashionlaine Friday

Fashionlaine Friday Banner Today's Fashionlaine Friday is an extra cute one, featuring some extra little models. I came across this article/link on Bored Panda and almost died of cuteness. Using art and imagination, a mom by the name of Queenie Liao did a little photo compilation to stunning images of her son while napping. Using plain cloths, stuffed animals, and other common household items to create the background settings, Queenie captured over 100 brilliant photos of her son sleeping in different and magical settings, dubbing it "Wengenn in Wonderland". I love seeing such creativity from people because it gives me extra jolts of inspiration. Check out the link above for more pictures than the ones below! They're all incredible.

Babies Dream 1

Babies Dream 2

Babies Dream 3

Babies Dream 4

Babies Dream 9

Babies Dream 10

Babies Dream 5

Babies Dream 6

Babies Dream 8

Photo Credit: Bored Panda