Fashionlaine Friday

Virgin America Spending a few years now working with the ins and outs of brands and PR, I've come to gain an acquired appreciation (probably more so than the average person) for any brand announcements, stunts, innovative events, ideas, or simply... viral videos. So when Virgin America, which to me was already probably the snazziest and most innovative airline company out there, decided to spruce up their safety messages with today's  featured music video below, I couldn't help but appreciate and commend their creativity. I mean, I'm pretty sure I take a little nap during the safety video while trying to use the last few seconds of my phone under my seat without the flight attendants catching me. So with Virgin America coming in with a new tactic to take that same old and drab "buckle your seat belt" message and add a little bit of rap, motown, dubstep, and pop-- it makes you want to get on a flight and buckle up ASAP.