Fashionlaine Turns 5


Photography / Hair / Makeup: Mayra Lozano

With great power comes great responsibility

5 years ago I created a girl named Fashionlaine who was built around a simple dream: Wanting To Inspire. 

I wanted Fashionlaine to be a source of inspiration for people around the world-- to encourage and motivate others to never be discouraged, go after the things they want, and feel like someone in this world was out there rooting for them during whatever they were going through.... All while inspiring to wear the cutest rainbow filled #OOTDs, OF COURSE.

5 years later I feel so honored, lucky, and blessed to say that I've been able to do so many great and special things with this girl named Fashionlaine that I could have only DREAMT of doing otherwise. Funny enough though, I always thought that if I ever made it to 5 years that I'd FULLY know who I was as a person and as a blogger. Yet with this 5th year I feel like I'm figuring out a whole new wave of what I want to do with Fashionlaine. And that's the beauty of life, we're ALL always constantly evolving.

You may notice that some of my posts are a little different, my messages are a little different-- and that's because I want Fashionlaine to be a little different. With this 5th year I'm really looking to bring back the Fashionlaine this whole blog vision started on-- being a source of inspiration for others.

In this crazy world we live in, I think in general it's time to bring back love and light to everything we say, speak, and do. And with this girl named Fashionlaine, this year, I'm looking to do way more of that.

There are SO many things that I'm excited to want to do this year and I can't wait for you to all follow along the journey. Sooo get ready, cuzzzz I'm about to set this WHOLE WORLD on rainbow {smoke bomb} fire!

Click on the YouTube video below I made as I talk about the whole new Fashionlaine!

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Shoes: ShoeDazzle
Eyeshadow: NYX Cosmetics
Lipstick: Lime Crime
Earrings: Spotting Unicorns