When I was first creating Fashionlaine and coming up with the concepts behind what my blog would be all about, I decided to create this must-haves section to talk about all the amazing items and pieces that I come across and can't stop obsessing over and talking about. And today's post is definitely no exception. When I first locked eyes on FELIKS+ADRIK, the unique and innovative jewelry line by designer Asia Ragland, I knew this had my name written all over it. I always get pictures sent to me from friends of clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories of amazing items that they claim they could never wear since they're so unique and different, but they're "so me" because they all know that I love anything but the norm in my wardrobe. As people have come to realize about me, I don't like to keep my looks simple, and that especially comes down to my jewelry. With necklaces that get me references like "2Chainz" to rings that people call "the size of a plate", I love anything but ordinary jewelry, and that's what FELIKS+ADRIK is all about. Getting the inspiration for her line from all sources of subjects from people, animals, natures, to architecture, Asia translates her inspirations into unique shapes, vibrant colors, and intricate and amazing patterns that quickly suck people, like me, in and leaving us wanting more. And it looks like I'm not the only one who feels this way as they just launched a collaboration with Theory. There's no doubt that anyone wearing this jewelry line will be the talk of the town and the it-girl at any party. And for me who's currently on my Coachella shopping rampage, this jewelry line is 100% the key to making me go from a standard and typical desert princess to the ultimate desert queen.

Can't get enough and want more? I know, I feel the same way after looking at these pics. Well lucky for us, FELIKS+ADRIK will be having a trunk show at the Bloomingdales in Sherman Oaks this Saturday and Sunday from 11AM- 7PM! Go check the line out in person and fall in love like I completely have.