Gimme, Gimme More (Demi)

I've been so excited to tune in to the new season of X Factor because A) anything Simon Cowell does is obviously going to be amazing and more importantly B) Britney Spears is a new judge! Of course, as a long time Britney Fan (RIP the days of  Britney circa 1999), I wanted to tune in and show my support. Once I started watching though, forget about Simon, forget about Britney, and forget about the contestants we're supposed to grow to love. All I could focus on was Demi Lovato's new look and how amazing her outfits are.  As a fellow (semi) blondie, I'm obsessed with her new hair as well as everything she's been wearing. If I ever see Demi in person, the first thing I'm going to have to ask her is if she can share some of her outfits with me...

If you haven't tuned in yet to watch X Factor this season, you 100% should because Demi's outfits alone are definitely worth the watch.

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