Hallomonth: Belle Costume

A tale as old as time— Beauty & the Beast

OMG I've been SOOO excited to do this Halloween costume all month long because Beauty and The Beast is probably my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Disney movie there ever was growing up. And ummmm... can we talk about the remake that came out with Emma Watson this year?! -- I think it easily made me (re)fall in love with the whole story ALL over again!

There's just something about Belle that I connect with-- a story about a girl that wants to expand outside of her little town because she feels like there's more out there. And then befriending things and people who are more to one than the eye can see, this story truly takes home the message of "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover"-- literally since she loved books so much, and really, that there's more to someone than the eye can see.

Well since I've always wanted to live out my Belle dreams, what better time than NOW with the remake which has probably reprised the costume of Belle to be an extra popular one this year. SO with the help of the fabulous Brittnie Busk once again and this amazing Marciano dress, I think I can say I handled the role of Belle?

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Dress: Marciano
Top: Amazon
Apron: Amazon
Basket and Book: Vintage from home :)

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