Jean And Studs

When there's a trend I love or an article of clothing I need, I get fixated on it until I find the perfect one--  and this jean vest was one of them. In general, I am widely known for staying away from jeans. Maybe it's the stiffness of the material, maybe it's the idea of jean in itself that I'm in fear of, or maybe I'm still scarred for life from Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake's denim duo ensemble from 2002. Whatever it is, you'll barely see me wearing it (jeggings are a completely different story!). For some unbeknownst reason to me though,  jean jackets and vests have found a way into my heart.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect jean vest for a very long time, but of course, I couldn't settle for just anything ordinary. I knew if I was going to invest in the jean movement that I had so strongly stood against, it had to be worth it. When I came across this studded vest, I was almost overwhelmed with too much excitement, feeling like it was created just for me since studs are in deed my weakness. What's important though is making the clothing you purchase and trends that are popular (like jean vests) your own. Being able to pull things together and add your own twist and take on it makes your ensemble stand out from anyone else wearing the same piece. Putting two of my favorite items, leotards and high-low skirts, with my studded jean vest makes this ensemble all Lainey.

Vest: Fairfax Flea Market // Top: American Apparel // Skirt: Vintage Store on Melrose // Necklace: House of Harlow // Sandals: Urban Outfitters