Lainey For The Holidays: The Doll


Glam / Photography: Mayra Lozano

All Dolled Up!

Last year I did the story of the Nutcracker (here) and so for one of my looks for this series, I definitelyyy wanted to bring my favorite holiday present to life--DOLLS! As Baby Lainey, I was OBSESSED with every kind of doll--especially Barbies and everyone in my family knew that the key to my heart for the best holiday present was to get me one. So naturally, for an essential holiday look I just HAD to recreate what is to me the most essential holiday present. This look was so much fun because I felt like it definitely captured the vibes of a real life doll (aka living out my Tyra Bank / Lindsay Lohan "Life Size" movie DREAMS!).

What do you think of this?

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