Lainey's Five Words: BELIEVE

Photography: Madison Dizon

Many times we’re on the hunt for approval from others to get acceptance on the decisions we want to make in our own lives. But if instead, you stop to first believe in yourself and become your own #1 cheerleader, then everyone else will see what you see and believe in YOU.

For the FOURTH word in #LaineysFiveWords I'm bringing up the word BELIEVE! I feel like we're always constantly looking for approval from others before making any decisions--big or small. Yet, I think one needs to really believe in themselves FIRST and then others will follow.

When I was thinking about starting a blog or even just wearing some crazy outfit choice I had in mind, if I constantly looked to the approvals from others, I would have never done any of the things that I'm doing now because everyone I had envisioned doing (or wearing) was initially so far off the normal beaten path. Yet now, I've become the QUEEN of going off the normal-beaten path... I mean, a UNICORN is my mascot!

So what I say is to always BELIEVE IN YOURSELF FIRST!