Lainey's Oz: Dorothy

Teddie, I have a feeling we’re not in Los Angeles anymore

Growing up I LOVED the movie The Wizard of Oz-- I've probably watched it over a trillion times, always wishinggg I was Dorothy living in that amazing world of technicolor.

Back in the day, everything was in black & white-- movies, pictures, TV shows. But now, we get to live in this beautiful colorful world yet I feel like many still today are afraid to express their colorful sides. And the only time we really see people embracing colors is in fashion-- wearing lime green pants or hot pink eyeshadow. So what color means to me is that I can tell people exactly how I'm feeling that day with the colorful outfits I wear-- red feeling romantic, white feeling at peace.

And with The Wizard Of Oz, we're first introduced to Dorothy who lives in a world of black & white. But then she starts singing about wishing to be Somewhere Over The Rainbow and heads into a colorful dreamland where she's given RUBY RED slippers to wear. 

That feeling that you get when you watch the scene of Dorothy opening her black and white home door and entering a whole new world of color is the feeling I get every time I incorporate colors into my world, and the feeling I try to give every time anyone looks at my pictures.

SO, I got inspired to do this new series because I feel like I've become my own real-life {blogger} Dorothy, bringing color through my photos. Therefore for the next week, I'm taking you into my Wonderful World of Oz in the most colorful way I know how. I've teamed up with Michael Costello to tell each story and look through my outfits and have gotten my talented girls Michelle, Brittnie, and Casey to be involved and put the glam and styling for everything together.

Get ready to follow along on my journey as I try to find my way back home!



The Dorothy Look
Dress: Michael Costello
Makeup: Brittnie Busik
Hair: Michelle Gallagher
Photo / Styling: Casey Hinders

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