Lainey's Oz: The Party Recap

Oz Cover.jpg

Photography / Videography: William Ortiz, WiLL.O Photography

A few weeks back I had an EXCITING reveal for my blog where I finally made one of my dreams come true-- getting my own WALL! Yes, you read right. I got my very VERY. OWN. WALL. 

Why my own wall you may ask? It's because over the years as many have seen on all my Insta pics (@iamfashionlaine), I've had an infinite LOVE for taking photos in front of different types of walls. So naturally, it's become an absolutely dream of mine to one day have one that could call my very own. 

So you know what they say about turning your dreams into a reality?-- just GO FOR IT. And that's what I FINALLY did thanks to Arqade Studios and Seven Ghost Productions that was able to bring a little piece of me into existence. 

How did the concept of the wall come about? It was simple. I wanted to put something out there that when people would look at it, it would inspire and empower them to feel like anything they wanted to do was possible ( getting your own wall made), which is what my motto with my blog has always been about. So that's how the saying "Follow Your Dreams" came about. And if you followed my #LaineysOz series I did with Michael Costello leading up to the big reveal, you read how and why the movie The Wizard of Oz means so much to me in both the literal and colorful context and the meaning behind the movie itself (read here for the full background). THEREFORE, that's how I put two and two together and why I decided to create this The Wizard of Oz inspired themed wall.

So OF COURSE, in true Fashionlaine style, when I want to celebrate something, I can't just make it simple-- I need to (naturally) throw a whole big PARTY for it! So that's what I did for my big wall reveal! And luckily the new home to my wall, Arqade Studios, had the PERFECT event space for this so it was kind of like a no-brainer that all of this had to come into existence together with all of my favorite companies and brands that helped transformed this big day into my very own Lainey's Wonderful World of Oz.

The day consisted of music by JÅCK FORD (In Living Sound), Wizard of Oz themed nails by Nail Garden, colorful tequila drinks and snow cones by Dulce Vida Spirits and Road 36, a body jewel art station by The Gypsy Shrine, amazingly fun and delicious cotton candy by Twisted For Sugar, cupcakes by Sprinkles, Wizard of Oz themed fashion sketches by Courtney Collins, and only the besttt Wizard of Oz themed props the world could find by Bob Gail Special Events.  And dressed in Alice + Olivia for my outfit of the night, I couldn't have felt anymore like my own real life Dorothy who had finally found her way (into her new) home.

Check out the photos and video below for an inside look into the whole party! And if you're in Los Angeles, go check out my wall in person at Arqade Studios, 734 S Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014!

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