Lauren Vibes Only

Photography / Makeup: Madison Dizon

I'm superrr excited for today's post because it has to do with one of my absolute fave fashionista icons of our times-- Lauren Conrad. Why do I think she's so fab you may ask? Well if it wasn't obvious enough, it can easily be broken down into (at minimum) four categories:

2) every fun book she's written
3) her fabulous website with all the go-tos on food, decor, fashion, and more
4) (probably most importantly) her super cute and fun accessories line with Kohl's

Having been such a personal fan of her line for years (I mean, who can forget her Disney themed collections?!), today's post is dedicated to the exciting expansion of her line that's delved into handbags and fine jewelry. Keeping the inspiration in line with her super successful clothing that's been in place, these new array of clutches, crossbodies, necklaces, bracelets, and more all keep to the vintage meets feminine theme of the brand. With her handbag collection that was just launched this month and her jewelry line launching in March, both continue to remind me (and all other Lauren Conrad enthusiasts) just why she's one of the best fashionistas in the game.  

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Purse: Kohl's