Leader Of The Pack

You don't have to have a certain style to be a fashion leader, and Bardia shows us just that. With looks that can range from hipster to classic prep to rugged, Bardia loves experimenting in all fields of fashion, proving to his friends and people around him that you don't have to stereotype yourself into one box or look. While Bardia's ensembles may look simple, the simplicity is the key ingredient to becoming a showstopper. Loving to take items and pieces that people may not typically wear and adding it to his own look, Bardia loves to set by example for the people around him, pushing them to conjure up their own styles as well. Being able to help his friends of all different fashion roots put outfits together is one of Bardia's favorite things to do, trying to lead by example and show that you don't need to dress a certain way to understand the concept and styles of fashion.

Jacket: Hollister // Shirt: H&M // Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch // Shoes: Sperry // Belt: Gucci // Bracelet: Boutique in Brazil