Lollapalooza Essentials

Becoming quite the expert festival go-er over these past years with my appearances at everything from Electric Daisy Carnival to Coachella, I would like to think that I've mastered the art of festival wardrobe by this point. So when I was planning for my trip to Chicago this weekend for Lollapalooza, you would think that I had this in the bag already, with wardrobes already lined up and ready to go. Headbands? Check. Crop tops? Check. High-waisted shorts? Check. But as I was finalizing my suitcase, pretty much filling it to the brim with 98% of my closet, I suddenly had a fashion crisis change of heart, wanting to switch up all the wardrobes I had in mind. Being a Lollapalooza first timer and not quite sure what I'll be getting myself into, what I had an epiphany about yesterday (15 hours before heading on my flight this morning) was that my headband-hippie-floral-loving outfits that I've excelled in at Coachella and EDC might in fact not be the route I wanted to now go in for Lolla. With the festival taking place right in the city instead of an exiled off in the desert, my outfits need to be easily translated and used from day to night while successfully fighting the cold and chilly evenings to come. So when I finally came to this realization, I was suddenly frantic about needing to change up all my looks, finding the perfect Lolla essentials. So if you're anything like me and suddenly freaking out that you too have nothing to wear for this superb and epic festival only 3 days away, stay calm and Fashionlaine on, because I've broken out the perfect, easy, and affordable pieces that you can wear to make yourself Lollapalooza prepared.

1.) I think it goes without saying that everyone needs a flat brimmed oversized big black hat. Probably a sea of black hats that are going to take over the festival grounds like how floral headbands do at Coachella, but in this case, it's ok to submerge into the trends and be one with the crowd because this item (like the one from H&M) is really such an essential that no one should leave their homes without.

2.)  Helping you stay cool yet warm from day to night, this maroon colored turtle neck crop top from American Apparel is perfect for all those needs.

3.) Since apparently there's a chance of rain in Chi-town this week, having a jacket with you will probably be a must. But obviously who wants to lug around something ugly and heavy? Therefore, I would suggest bringing a cute oversized cardigan like this one from Love Culture to keep you from freezing while watching The Killers and Mumford and Sons close out the festival.

4.) Obviously the sunnies during the day are needed to combine the whole look together. I for one am currently completely obsessed with the rounded sunglasses, so these from Forever 21 would be perfect for any Lolla outfit.

5.) A cute patterned pair of shorts like these from Forever 21 would be perfect for an outfit like this to keep you from  looking too simple and plain. Plus the pattern just screams "music festival".

6.) Not one to really wear sandals to a festival because I'm always afraid/ know that I'll be that one person to get injured by someone stomping on my feet, I live for the closed toe shoe options. And these H&M booties which I'm completely obsessed are not only the most comfortable shoe route you can probably take, but are also the most perfect color.

7.) Last but certainly not least, your outfit can't go without an over the shoulder purse to carry around all of your essentials through 3 days of massive crowds. This H&M stellar studded side purse not only will do the job and handle all of your items, but it also screams super stylish.