Love Through The Decades: 1990s

Photographer / Makeup: Madison Dizon

You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet!— Cher, Clueless

The 90's was one of my favorite times (and maybe I'm biased because I'm not actually heading into the decades that I ACTUALLY lived in) but who didn't ever love a good plaid skirt? When I was thinking of what kind of look I wanted to do for the 90's I had a few in mind, but Cher's iconic style from the movie "Clueless" kept popping out at me, so how could I not pay a homage to one of the most glorious 90's fashionistas for this decade? The 90's were all about plaid skirts, knee high socks, chunky shoes, and fuzzy sweaters (and pens!) and I totally feel like I definitely emulated that for this era. And can we talk about this AMAZING rainbow / heart staircase in this shot?!

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Top: American Apparel
Skirt: American Apparel
Socks: American Apparel
Eyes: Urban Decay
Lips: Urban Decay (Bad Blood)

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