Making Changes

Changes are hard, changes are not easy. I'm the first person in the world that can quickly say that I hate them the most. But sometimes it's those changes you need to get you to the next place you're meant to be. I've always fully believed in the mentality that one should always do what they love and love what they do. And it seemed like when I was younger, everyone knew exactly what that meant for them, who they wanted to be, and what they were going to be doing. But me, I wasn't quite so sure. Sure, there were things that I liked, but how was a supposed to make something that was my so-called "hobby" into a reality, let alone a real life career? Fast forward to practically three years since I've graduated college, and I look around me and see myself doing exactly what I love-- kind of now looking back at my younger self and feeling like it was almost crazy that I felt so much anxiety about the future.

I started this blog a year ago with a vision... and a floral headband. The message behind my blog was simple-- inspiration. I wanted to simply inspire and show others that they too can follow their dreams and do something that they love, and have fun while doing it. And as I finally take my own advice and make my transition to focusing fully on fashion, this blog, and this message that's so important to me, I don't forget about that little girl who was afraid of the future and afraid that her dreams would never be made into a reality. Sure changes are hard and sure changes are not easy, but as long as you believe in yourself and believe that you're doing the right thing, all you need sometimes are some floral headbands to help guide you along the way to success.

Photo Credit: Desiree Pakravan

Top: American Apparel // Shorts: H&M // Headband: Kristin Perry // Shoes: Forever 21 // Jewelry: BCBGeneration (bracelets), Viento (ring), Marc by Marc Jacobs (necklace)