Mamby On The Beach with DSW and Crocs

Today I'm taking you back to JUST last weekend when I was at one of the dreamiest events I had ever been to. Everyone that knows me knows how much of a music festival fanatic I am--being a yearly devoted attendee to traveling to all of the most amazing locations from the deserts of Palm Springs for Coachella to the beautiful inner cities of Chicago for Lollapalooza. But this year, I got to experience the music festival scene in an extremely unique and different way--heading to the beautiful beaches of Chicago for Mamby On The Beach!

I made an announcement on Instagram just a few days prior about how I was packing up all my rainbow things and heading to Chicago with DSW and Crocs. And while I was excited about the opportunity and potential of how amazing it could all be, it wasn't until I officially got there that I truly saw for my own two eyes how unreal it all REALLY was.

The scenery was majestic (I kept saying I felt like I was in a movie), the music was amazing, the food was delicious, and the crowd was so much fun. Yet, on top of all of those necessities that are key for any music festival lover fanatic, what made my experience at the festival that much more amazing was MOST IMPORTANTLY-- my outfit. Because as they say, "Once You Look Good, You Feel Good" and that's exactly how I felt.  

Running from stage to stage and hopping back and forth from grass to beach sand, I needed the perfect shoes to get me everywhere and not feel uncomfortable throughout it all. And I could easily say that  my beautiful black classic Crocs not only made my outfit look super cool and festival fun, but became the PERFECT pair to save me from annoying blisters and pain all day long. 

If I didn't take all these pictures to remember the day, I wouldn't have believed for myself that what I experienced was a real life Mamby fantasy land! And now... I'm already dreaming of going back.

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Shoe Pair 1: Crocs Jelly Bean Sandals
Shoe Pair 2: Classic Crocs in Black