You can only lose what you cling to—Buddha

I think it’s safe to say we all kinda have a thing with attachment. We get attached to the way we think things are supposed to look, what people are supposed to say, & what results we expect to receive— we get attached to very particular visions we create for ourselves.

But what if we did this CRAZY thing & actually let go of our expectations? What if instead we looked at every result we received {good or bad} and accepted them as they simply were instead of, what we typically do, which is make each result that occurs have a personal meaning that we connect to ourselves?

The reason why we get so quickly disappointed when we don’t hit a certain expectation we had envisioned we would is because we’re up to something BIG—we’re putting ourselves at risk for an idea or possibility we’re creating for ourselves {i.e. a successful project, a certain relationship, or more}.

But the key here is recognizing the difference between being attached to a result & being committed to a possibility. Being attached to a result means being focused on how you expect your possibility to look like. But being committed to a possibility means not being effected by what may come in your way of hitting that possibility, and instead fully accepting any path it takes to get you there—especially when it’s not the one you think you were meant to be on.

If we stop letting so-called “downfalls” and “no’s” we receive make us feel just like that—downfalls— & instead, start looking at them as motivating cues to lead us onto the next route to take us to our final end goals, then nothing can ever come in our ways of ultimate success.

So for this #MondayMotivation, I encourage you to work on letting go of attachment. When you simply focus on being devoted to a possibility & not how you expect it should look to get there, there’s absolutely no scenario that can come in your way to make you feel defeated. And then, what you’ll see is how in actuality, everything you ultimately wanted with your possibility will truly fall into place the way it was meant to be done. Anyone else with me?! 👊🏻💕⚡️ ll #inspilaine