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To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment—Ralph Waldo Emerson

A •U• T • H • E • N • T • I • C ✨ S • E • L • F.

AUTHENTICITY—a word in the past few weeks that has been popping up around me in numerous conversations with everyone asking the same question—“What does it mean to be your authentic self?”.

In a world today where it seems like being INauthentic has become way easier to do when we’ve become accustomed to doing things like displaying glimpses into the highlights of our #BestLyfe, it’s left us all wondering what it means to be real or fake anymore— HOW to be real or fake anymore. Why is it that we’re all so afraid to display our full authentic selves to the public?.

With authenticity comes a worry of failure—with thoughts to the future foreseeing not being approved by others for being our true selves which then prevents us from appreciating the present & living in the now. We begin to create a constant cycle preventing us from living our best AUTHENTIC life because we become too afraid to do the real things we want to say or do.

When I first started blogging I remember I tried SO hard to be just like the biggest bloggers, posting pictures like they did in this muted grayscale color scheme & tried wearing “normal” outfits of simple jeans and jackets—thinking that’s how I’d become the best blogger. Yet, something inside of me kept saying that I wasn’t being my authentic self, a girl who genuinely LOVED color and quirky outfits. When I finally decided to embrace the REAL me & take on with pride my colored persona, it’s funny how the very thing that I was trying to hide is the very thing that has come to define me today.

Whether you’re a blogger, a doctor, a student, or a father, we all have expectations on us that we feel like we need to fall into and fulfill. But until you put all the thoughts around you aside & decide for yourself who it is that YOU are, you’ll slowly start to see that living your best AUTHENTIC lyfe is not only going to make you happy, but make you feel complete. So for this Monday #inspilaine, I wanna know who are YOU?.