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It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. — J.K. Rowling

C • H • O • I • C • E • S .

Our lives are filled with constant unique roads and paths that we can take, with each road we're presented with giving us abilities to make different choices. There are roads to happiness, roads to sadness, roads to success, and roads to defeat. And with every road we take and every choice we make, they add on top of each other to define the lives we end up having and the people we become.

Yet, the scary part about these roads: How do you know which one to take to be the right one? That's the thing, there are never any guarantees.

In life, there are so many possible outcomes that are out of our hands to control. Yet, what we do have control of are the decisions we make along the way and how we decide to act and react to the outcomes that we get presented with. Although a road you take can result in getting you lost, that same road can also be an opportunity for an amazing adventure which can lead to even more new roads that would have never been present otherwise.

Choices are really scary to make-- especially for me as I'm someone who NEEDS to know what my future will hold and what the outcome will be for each choice I make. Yet if you truly believe that you're making the best decisions for yourself each step of the way, you have to have faith that no matter what road you choose, it will end up taking you where you're truly meant to go.

So for this Monday, I encourage you to not be afraid of making choices you believe in-- because even if the outcome isn't what you expect, it'll lead to the next road you're supposed to take. They say everything happens for a reason after all, right? 🚙💨💖