Motivation Monday: Future

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy on not fighting the old, but on building on the new.”— Socrates

You know the saying that goes “Don’t look back at your past unless you want to see how far you’ve come”? Well sometimes that feels like easier said then done when you look back on moments in your life to try & figure out why they happened or what could’ve become. And it don’t help when things like Facebook memories resurrect old moments for you too when you’re not asking for it, right?!.
We all have incidences, big or small, that happened to us that have shaped who we now are. And while sometimes we want to move on past those moments to focus on our best future selves, sometimes it might feel difficult to not have the stories of your past with you in your future.
We all love to do this thing where from time to time we play victims to those moments of our past— where if something similar shows up in in our future, we relate to it as parts of our lives & ourselves that may never change. “We are who we are because XXX happened and that’s the way things are always gonna be.” But what we don’t realize is that moments of our past are completely separate from anything that happens in our future. While things had happened once before— that doesn’t mean it will indefinitely hold true once again. Life is about our perspective and how we want to look at things and the longer we hold onto the moments of our past as if they hold true for anything that will happen in the future, the longer we hold back from actually giving the opportunities being presented in our future the REAL potential of becoming realities.
So for this #MondayMotivation I want y’all to start fresh and let go of the stories that you’re still holding onto from experiences once before. They’re in your past for a reason and while it may be corny to say, your future really is way brighter and simply waiting for you to look at it in full. So get your sunnies out & get ready for the #VIEWS. Are you with me?!