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Adapt what is useful, reject was is useless, and add what is specifically your own

I • N • D • I • V • I • D • U • A • L  • I • T • Y.

Last week I was in one of my FAVE cities, London 🇬🇧, and was soo excited to be there! Yet, what happened when I arrived was I was QUICKLY hit with the hard & challenging task: “How do I capture pics in my bright & colorful Fashionlaine way in a city that’s known for their gloomy skies & concrete buildings?”.

Within the 1st day I was constantly stuck in a cycle— trying to take pics like all my fave fashion blogger girls that I follow, and used to be like: posing for pics on the streets, in cafes, and more. Yet none were working—it was so NOT me. Because at this point, I’ve become more like this pop art photographer, showing my life in a rainbow virtual reality kinda way versus the typical street style blogger kinda way.

Struggling immensely over this mini identity crisis that I was now having, I was confused about to what do—who I was supposed to be. It was not until my travel partner-in-crime Diana Espir finally turned to me & said that I was getting it ALL wrong. Here I was, trying so hard to be like everyone else that I was now forgetting how to be like my Fashionlaine self. And instead of me trying to fit this expectation of who I thought I had to be, I needed to start fully embracing the individual that I’ve become & created myself to be.

I share this story because my little challenge on this trip is something I think we can all relate to. Often of times, we get so stuck trying to fit a mold & live up to what others expect of us, or what the mass group around us are doing, that we often shy away or forget to embrace our individuality & who we really are. And for me, while that might mean turning a gray cement floor & London sky into the rainbow world I see it to be in my eyes, it’s something that I’ve really come to now see as who I am— because that’s how I share my take on life 🌈.

So for this week’s #inspilaine, I want you all to look in the mirror & see who YOU really are— and wear it LOUD & PROUD. Be you, because your individuality is the thing that makes you special. 💕 Anyone else with me?! 🤩💖