Motivation Monday: Intention

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Everything that happens in the universe starts with intention”—Deepak Chopra

So what do you want… do you really (really, really) want? In life, they say it takes 22 days to turn a habit from a desire into an intention, but how is that we go from shifting what we really, really want—into action?.
There’s the popular saying that goes, “when you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things change” and that’s the same with how we create our intentions. Do you catch yourself in moments say “I HAVE to do this” while in other moments say “I WANT to do this”? The thing with desires is that they will only become a reality when we put actions in place to make them actually happen. If we see something as an opportunity, it’ll become something that we “WANT to do”. Yet if we something as a nice wish for a “one day”, then completing that same task becomes something we feel like we “have to do”.
From the surface, “wanting” & “having” to do the same task may seem like it won’t make any difference because one way or another we’ll get it completed. Yet, the energy that goes behind completing the same task in two different ways is what makes all the difference.
Life is about the NOW & making things happen in real-time. So for this #MondayMotivation I want you to start looking at the things that you continually say you desire & seeing how you can turn those into actual acts of intention. We all want things to happen in our lives, so why not put the proper motions AND excitement in place to actually make them happen?