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Finding your way doesn’t mean you always know where you’re going

I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person that HATES the phrase “embrace the journey” because I’m the type of girl that just NEEDS to have my exact plans laid out for me. When I’ve got a vision, I’m set on making that a solid reality—why do I need to go on a journey when I know the LAINE (😉) that I already want to take?.

But do you believe that everything in your life takes place in a specific order that’s meant to be? Because I do. Which has ended up meaning that most of the times, those paths and journeys we’re so dead set on in our lives, are just that—the paths and journeys we need to take to get us to where we’re supposed to go.

I’ve had SO many ideas & visions for myself throughout the years on a lot of different aspects in my life that I was dead set on. But in reality, I’ve seen firsthand how those visions had ended up being just the stepping stones to take me to the places I was meant to go next. Sometimes, it’s not about the end point and how we get there, but instead, the journey that it takes to lead us to where we’re meant to go that’s most important. Our detours in life are not placed to take us a step back, but in reality, to make us grow and leap forward in greater direction than we saw for ourselves.

I believe that each of our journeys are not chaotic arrangements but in fact, beautifully well-put together narratives that have been orchestrated to lead us to our final destinations. And when you start taking on life in this mentality as I’ve been doing as of lately, you will start to see that every aspect in your life, ESPECIALLY those moments that look like detours, are the most meaningful parts.

So for this #MondayMotivation I actually encourage you TO embrace the journey. When life seems to not go according to the route you’ve mapped out in your head, try looking at it as in interesting plot twist instead and ask yourself “OK, where is this going to take me NEXT?”. Because trust me, what’s going to come next is probably WAY better than what you planned for yourself.