Start saying ‘Yes’ & see how life starts working for you rather than against you

Do you ever feel like you keep trying & trying for things in your life but they continually come back to you as No’s? Do you just wanna give up because you don’t have faith anymore to believe that there will ever be a Yes?.

We’ve become so trained to live in our defeats that we continually live in the No’s of our past. And while we’ve had many people, places, or things continue to prove why we’re probably destined to be stuck in the No’s, for every No & closed door you received, I believe that they’ve been set up to bring you to the best Yes & greatest opened door you’re meant to walk through.

But want to know a secret? The way you think is the way you act & the way you act is the way people will REact to you. So if you continue to live in the No’s of your life, then you’ll continue to attract the No’s to follow. BUT, if you start living in the faith of the Yes & act in the the Yes, the Yes’s too will attract & follow.

What hadn’t worked out in the past wasn’t supposed to work out. And while that concept may be hard to accept in the moment, when the right Yes’s finally come along, you’ll understand why those No’s were meant to be.

Thoughts may tell you “No” & circumstances may make you feel like it’s never going to happen. But you have the choice to either continue to sit & dwell on all that hasn’t worked out or shift your mentality and become a YES person—thanking all the No’s you received to prepare for your ultimate Yes’s.

Some may think this concept be too optimistic because the constant No’s from the past seem too strong to believe in such possible Yes’s for the future. But in reality, everything you want is possible, it just takes you truly believing that it is for it to happen.

Today is a new week & basically whole new month. So for this #MondayMotivation I want you to live in the YES... even if you’re so used to the No. Just because you’ve gotten No’s in the past, doesn’t mean it’s gonna be No’s in your future. So….will you be a YES with me?! #HELLyes 🧚🏼‍♀️🦄🍭 ll #inspilaine