Motivation Monday: Looking Ahead

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new—Socrates

Every week I go to synagogue and love the Rabbi’s sermons. But this weekend’s in particular really stuck with me so I wanted to share it as today’s #MondayMotivation post.


This week we covered the story of a man named Lot and the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. God was going to destroy this city because it was deemed wicked but he wanted to save Lot from there before it was destroyed. He commanded Lot to flee the city with his wife and 2 daughters before he demolished it and made one very specific request—for Lot and his family to not turn around and look back at the city when they left and to just keep moving forward. Yet Lot’s wife went against this request and actually turned around & looked back as they fled, and in an instant—she turned into a grain of salt.


This story relates to our lives today because it’s a symbol of what we all tend to do. We all look back on the salty moments of our lives and constantly say things to ourselves like “what if I had done this” or “what if I could’ve said that”—continually going into this fix & change mode about ourselves. Yet the more we spend time looking back & focusing on our salty pasts, the less time we’re allowing space for any sweetness to enter into our future.

It’s easy to live in the “what ifs” and “could’ve beens” from before instead of focusing on the “what can be’s” of the future. But for this #MondayMotivation I want to encourage you all to throw the grains of your salty past behind you and only focus your attention to LOOKING AHEAD to the sweet possibilities that are awaiting you. There’s nothing in your past that you could’ve or should’ve done—everything was meant to play out the way it did to bring you to your next phase in your life 🌟💖🌟