Motivation Monday: Motivation

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Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.

I had been thinking all week about what topic I wanted to talk about for this #MondayMotivation post & ironically the word—“motivation” kept coming to mind. While I continually strive to keep feelings of motivation present both personally & for others, the truth is, sometimes life isn’t always 🌈 & 🦄 and it’s hard to always feel encouraged.

Sometimes things may not go according to plans or you might simply get burnt out over trying to always be motivated that defeat seems only natural. So, how do you find ways to feel re-motivated when in fact you feel discouraged?.

.Life sometimes are like these Aztec Pyramids in my pic— an uphill battle. There are moments when we feel that things are effortless & we can climb to top with ease, and then, other times there are moments where every step we take seems to get heavier & heavier—and never-ending.

We all deal with pressures in our lives because there are things we are committed to accomplishing and we really want to see it through. Yet, the more stress we add to these pressures, the less success will come with what we do. The key to staying motivated is the mentality we put in place & taking a second to acknowledge ourselves for the great work we’re doing along the way despite if things aren’t going accordingly to plan in that very moment.

If you have faith that everything you want in life will be given to you—*and in the right way*, then feeling motivated becomes easy because there’s no such thing as “giving up”—cuz at the end of the day, it’ll all happen!.

So for this week, I want you to simply focus on doing you & trust that you are, in fact, DOING GREAT! You got this & everything’s working out for you—just be patient! Anyone else agree?!