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Things are only impossible until they are not—Jean-Luc Picard

P • O • S • S • I • B • I • L • I • T • I • E • S.

Over the weekend I met a remarkable man named Hilton. He was around 65, had the most amazing set of curly white gray hair, & wore the coolest outfits I had ever seen including an epic #DenimOnDenim@truereligion ensemble. He also sported a sleek leather black eye patch along with a silver cane—he was blind.

I had the privilege of speaking with Hilton and getting the inside scoop of everything he was up to in life from living in Canada to once being an entrepreneur in venture capitalism. And now, he was in the works of authoring an amazing book & TV show. Yet, what really lit up his face throughout our whole talk was when he spoke about his wife of over 20 years that he referred to as his “Divine Dame”. For 12 years of their marriage his Divine had become terminally ill, with the last 4 years before her passing, her begging him to carry on a life of freedom without her. Yet, despite what she said, he took care of her until her last breath turning to me saying, “When one falls in love, and let me tell you, every fool falls in love, the REAL magic happens in the RISE of love.”

In the years after her passing, he had challenges finding way back to a world of light & possibility. Yet as a promise to his Divine Dame to continue living after her, he began working within himself to try and find that promised world of possibility again. And what he said next is truly what hit me: “It’s one thing to have dreams up in the sky. But then, there’s actually something else to bring those dreams into our hearts & feet and actually realize & bring them into action. Although they say I’m legally blind, by doing the inner workings I have within myself to bring ME back to life, this is the first time that I can actually say that I’m able to SEE TRULY... and it doesn’t matter how dark it is on the outside.”.

For this #inspilaine Monday, I encourage you all to be your own Hilton. No matter how dark your world may seem, it is FULL of endless possibilities— and while you may not be able to SEE it, all you need to do is BELIEVE it. 💖🌎💖