Motivation Monday: Pride

“Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same”

Yesterday I spent 5 hours dancing up & down the streets of West Hollywood with 1,000s of people for Los Angeles’s #PrideParade. It didn’t matter what people were there for or who they were there for—people were just there to support one another and share a day of unity & love.

From the moment I created Fashionlaine, I made a slogan that said “Be What You Want, Wear Want You Want” as I wanted to be a symbol of inspiration for others to encourage & embrace who their individuality in any aspect of their lives.

In a world where there’s been so much hate lately, it was so nice to have a day like yesterday to see people come together in such a joyous & beautiful rainbow-colorful-explosion kinda way. And as I stood there dancing for hours with old friend, new friends, and strangers— I looked around me and saw a reminder that no matter who we are, what beliefs we have, and what kind of life we decide to want to live, we can all be there in support of each other—and party the day away!.

We are all such amazing unique people who have been specially designed and placed on this earth to share what makes us each special. So for this #MondayMotivation I hope that this post and this entire #PrideMonth can be a reminder to us all to always be PROUD of who we are and embrace the things that make us unique—because let me tell you, from this little self-proclaimed rainbow unicorn princess, being who you are loud & proud is worth everything.

Thank you JQ International for having me as an #ally and join in on yesterday’s epic dance party. I thinkkkk my outfit definitely screams rainbow jazzercise instructor?! Would you sign up for my werqout class?! I’d for sure promise to wear this outfit Every.Single.Day. 😁🤩🌈💖.