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I heard a statistic that said that this generation has an average of an 8 second attention span. Crazy, right?! We as a society have become so used to fast-forwarding through TV commercials & quickly scrolling through new posts on our phones that we now live in a world where our minds are constantly on-the-go. And especially for someone like me who’s on-the-go both on my phone & through all the errands/events I run to—it seems there are no seconds to break, mentally or physically.

A few months ago I made the decision to force myself to recharge my mind, dedicating every Saturday to not using my phone (unless I’ve really needed to)— in Judaism, we like to call this #Shabbat. At first, this was such an incredibly hard task for me to do because let’s be real… asking a BLOGGER who lives & breathes her phone to not use it for a full 24 hours is like the unthinkable. And while this self-proclaimed task at first was something pretty close to unbearable torture, as the months have gone by and I’ve engrained this rule more & more, this once annoying task that I hated so much has slowly over time surprisingly become a part of my week that I... ACTUALLY look forward to.

What’s come out of this “recharge day” is I’ve gotten to spend it simply & beautifully with the people around me—without the distractions of a phone in hand or feeling the need to capture every moment of it to post. We’re all always so on-the-go in our lives that we don’t think that forcing ourselves to take a mental break is important. But after these past few months of testing it out firsthand, I can confidently say—it is.

SO for this #MondayMotivation, I really encourage you to make it a task every week, for at least a hour or two, to just do something relaxing to help YOU recharge. Whether it’s heading to the mall with a friend or reading a book—don’t forget to put you & your mind’s worth as a top priority for happiness. When you take the time to recharge your mind, then you’ll be able to conquer the rest of the week in the most POWERFUL way.