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Your life, you see, is EXACTLY where it’s supposed to currently be

Why is it that certain people come into our lives the moments they do? Why is it that certain things happen in our lives the moments they do? Timing, as they so popularly say, is everything—yet why is it then so hard for us to sometimes understand this concept that seems to be so clear?.

The thing is, in life, we all have so many visions & goals we want to achieve, that when they don’t go according to our timelines, we can’t seem to understand why. But haven’t you ever looked back at those very moments that seemed to make no sense at all and seen just exactly why they needed to happen in the exact moments they did?.

I believe that everything, both the good & the bad—people, places, and things, are not presented in our lives by mere coincidence, but instead, perfectly planned to come together in the exact order and timing in which we need them—never a second too early or a second too late.

Our lives, I believe, are about always growing & transforming into the updated versions of ourselves that we’re ultimately meant to lead. So without the things that had happened in our pasts in the exact timings in which they did, we wouldn’t be led to the ultimate paths we’re meant to be in for our futures. You are, as the quote says above, EXACTLY where you’re supposed to currently be in every aspect of your life.

So for this #MondayMotivation, instead of focusing on the things that hadn’t happened and may not currently be happening for you in the way in which you think would, simply remind yourself that everything you want IS coming to you in the timing in which it SHOULD. The universe has a way of bringing people & things together in the exact moments in which we are ready and prepared to receive them, so if you trust in the faith of timing, just watch and see how everything you’ve ever wanted will ultimately be there—and in an even BETTER version than you ever expected for yourself. Anyone else with me?! ✨💖✨ ll #inspilaine