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Life is all about finding people that are your kind of crazy

T • R • I • B • E.

You know those famous sayings we hear all the time that “your vibe attracts your tribe” & “the people that you surround yourself with are a reflection of who you are”? Well those statements couldn’t be ANYMORE true.

One of the most valuable secrets I’ve learned as a key to success that lies outside of the necessary hustle & determination we need to put into seeing something through is what I call—your TRIBE—the people that continually lift you up when you’re feeling down.

When I went to #JayZ’s concert a few weeks ago, he dropped a line from one of his famous songs that said “1 million, 2 million, 3 million, 4, in just 5 years, 40 million more” 💶💰💶 and followed it by saying that he had these words simply written out in his song as something which at that time seemed CRAZY for him to achieve. Yet, he said, that not only through his hustle, but by the people he surrounded himself with who only kept encouraging & making him believe that something so “crazy” could be reached is how he was able to “in just 5 years” really become that “40 million boy”.

When you surround yourself with people that continually encourage you & say that you CAN do something, even when YOU might think you can’t, those are the times I’ve learned that I’ve found the most success in any aspect of my life. Your tribe helps attract your vibe, and when you continually put yourself around people who make you believe you can achieve anything, then you really will act like you CAN do anything.

So for this #inspilaine Monday, I encourage you to only surround yourself with the most positive people that will bring the BEST out of you in every aspect of your life. Find those mentors that will help you grow mentally and find those friends that will continually lift you up emotionally. Because we all need cheerleaders in our lives and don’t you just want to continually surround yourself with #GOODVIBESONLY? Comment below with your fave emoji if you feel me! ll 🙆🏼🌈🦄