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Photography / Glam: Mayra Lozano

Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy” 📸✨

I’m EXTRA excited about today’s #MondayMotivation post because it just so happens to also be MY FAVORITE holiday—#NationalUnicornDay! 🙆🏼‍♀️🦄🍭💖. And I mean… I think it was ONLY expected of me to celebrate the most iconic day of the entire year with the most UNICORNLICIOUS post I could ever do… right?!.

My reasoning for my love of unicorns though doesn’t fall solely under their SUPER cute vibez & and their appreciation for rainbows as much as I do. But more so really, my love falls for what unicorns represent—being unique, rare, & something like impossible to find.

As kids, we grew up with these big imaginations about all the things we wanted to do, who we wanted to be. We felt this sense of light & hope like ANYTHING was possible & like magic really DID exist— like unicorns. But as we grew older, life began to happen, things began, and we began to fall more & more into the expectations of society. As we grew older, we began to become more serious about what seemed “realistic” and those things that once when we were younger seemed so possible, unique & like magic now seemed so unreal—like unicorns.

“Be What You Want, Wear What You Want” is the slogan I came up with when I first created Fashionlaine as I wanted to share a message that would remind others to embrace their magic & what makes them unique. To me, I use a unicorn to symbolize that we should always be who we want to be & wear what we want to wear because our uniqueness is what makes us special.

So for this Monday #inspilaine, I really want you all to find the magic that actually makes you YOU and then BE that unicorn. EMBRACE your uniqueness, EMBRACE your individuality, and EMBRACE being different than the rest of the world. Because lemme tell you something, from firsthand experience, it’s OK {and actually wayyy more fun} to step outside the norm. 💁🏼‍♀️🍭💖 Anyone else with me?! /// Is this all rainbow everythinggg look a good one on me or WHAT?!

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