Start where you are. Use what you have. Do all you can. Believe— & you are unstoppable

MLK Jr. Mother Teresa. Mahatma Gandhi. Rosa Parks. There are a few people like this that we so avidly use as household names. And that’s because these were people that did the unthinkable, the unstoppable, the UNREASONABLE.

We live in a world where we tend to play it small, thinking we as individuals don’t have the ability or power to do anything above & beyond the typical norm—we love to play it safe. But what makes us different than a Gandhi? That’s it… absolutely NOTHING. Well…that is, except for the fact that these few world-changing people decided to live in a way where they didn’t want to settle in playing it safe or small.

Being unreasonable means being committed to acting outside of your comfort zone and being fearless—never taking no for an answer & continually putting yourself at risk for the things you want most. But the problem with many of us is that when we get faced with doubts from others or roadblocks that delay our visions, we go back to playing small—believing that living in a world of unreason is impossible. But if someone like MLK Jr allowed for everyone else’s thoughts, concerns, & delays to keep him from accomplishing his visions, then we wouldn’t have the impact he created today.

My word for the week is “unreasonable” because I believe we ALL have the ability to make the changes we want to see, whether something small in our personal lives or as big as for the world. We each are no different than Gandhi, MLK Jr, Rosa Parks, & Mother Teresa—the only difference is that no matter what they were faced with, these leaders didn’t give up on their visions because they continually BELIEVED in themselves.

So for this #MondayMotivation, I want you to practice living in a world of UNreason. If you want something bad enough, there’s nothing & NO ONE in this world that can stop you from getting there. Start training your mind in believing you can do ANYTHING no matter what comes in your way & just look to see how fast all the unthinkables begin to fall into place. Anyone else with me?!