My Fitness Journey!


“But you’re so skinny, why do you workout?”.

If you follow my adventures on Insta Story (@iamfashionlaine), you’ve seen that throughout the past few months I’ve gone into full #Fitnesslaine mode—hitting the gym 3 times a week with my amazing trainer @wellnesswithmish. Yet, the above question is something I get asked all the time. Which honestly was the reason why for years I avoided going to the gym— feeling self-conscious working out in front of others, like I was being judged for lifting weights because I was naturally “so skinny”.
Initially inspired by MAI girl Jeannie Mai who began documenting her own workout transformation on Insta—she continually talked about embracing loving your body and getting toned, showing how it’s actually cool to workout out— even if you’re naturally skinny AF. So from there, I got inspired to do the same.
From my weekly quests for the best protein-filled meals (resulting in me eating more than I everrr have my entire life) to lifting weights that almost weigh more than me, what I’ve come to see through reading Jeannie’s journey, and firsthand through my own, is that working out is not about what shape or size you’re currently in or about needing to be in a state of having to lose weight. It’s about feeling good for YOURself. Cuz through this new fitness journey, I’ve never felt more in shape or full of energy than I have my entire life. (And that says a lot cuz I naturally have a lot of energy).
I’ve been sharing my weekly fitness workouts on Insta Stories to inspire others, like Jeannie did with me, to be excited about fitness— and have FUN with it. And also that “skinny people” can do it it too! So for this #MondayMotivation, I want to encourage you to find some time each week to do something for yourself and your body. Cuz once you feel good physically, the rest of your world will align wayyy more powerfully. Oh, and of course as Trainer Michelle says, “get dat protein innnn”.

THANK YOU Michelle for being myyyy weekly motivation every week!