My Guide To Exploring: MEXICO CITY


A few weeks ago I came back from one of the dreamiest vacations that had been on my rainbow must-do, must-see list for QUITE some time--MEXICO CITY! Each building was painted with all of my fave vibrant colors, each wall was a better photo shoot opportunity than the last, and the hunt for the best "picante" salsa was so real that my mouth was on fire (in the best kinda way!) every step of the way. While some were concerned for my safety and that I may not make it back alive, I'm happy to report: I SURVIVED YA'LLLL... and now I get to tell the tale through a blog post sharing with you all the MUST go-to places for your next trip to Mexico City. 

Writing this post was already giving me major FOMO and making we want to go back ASAP!






While some people 100% prefer to live their best #HotelLyfe, I'm ALL about playing it local and getting in on the AirBNBs everywhere I go. To me it's not only sometimes the more affordable route, but there's something to feeling like you're actually a resident of the city that makes the whole trip experience even more special. And this AirBNB was nooo exception! It wasn't only super safe with a security desk at the front and code to get into the building, but it was newly built and in the heart of Downtown Mexico City which meant it was right in between all the good action! I'd HIGHLY recommend this place!


Li Pitahaya Vegana


Since I'm Jewish and Kosher, sometimes food while traveling can be a little tough for me. And while Mexico is ALL about loving their meat, there was a place in Mexico City that was dedicated to us #Vegetarianos that was recommended as a MUST eat at. This little hole in the wall place is known for their tacos so make sure you get like 10 of them! And  I mean, it didn't hurt that their tortillas were SO in my color scheme! (Their picante salsa was one of my favorites so make sure to have your firebuds ready!!)

Restaurant el Cardanel


Multiple people kept saying that no matter what I did, I just HAD to go to breakfast at Restaurant el Cardanel because it was the best. And while the 40 minute wait at the first go at this was so long, it was definitely worth the wait because their breakfast was no joke BOMB!



When one of my friends who is a huge foodie heard I was going to Mexico City she immediately freaked out and said that I HAD to try to find a way to get myself into the newest, hottest, and trendiest restaurant in all of Mexico City--Contramar. Luckily I had a connect that was able to get us in while I was there, but this place is in such high demand that reservations are hard to come by so make sure you prep ahead of time! But once I sat down and ate there I immediately understood why because the vibes and the food were soo good, I'm pretty sure this would be one of my fave go-to restaurants if I lived in Mexico City. 




Since I'm all about chasing rainbows, I had to make sure to head to all the most primo rainbow stops that Mexico City had to offer and that included the rainbowest boats ever! Xochilmilco is a quaint little boat ride that you take down a river where you can buy snacks and drinks off other boats that pass you by along the way. It's the most perfect and leisure way to spend the day with a group of your friends and the boats are so big that people use this excursion as birthday party celebrations. You can choose how long you want to take the boat ride for (the river is 6 hours long!).but I did it for a hour which was perfect and what I'd recommend!

Castillo de Chapultepec


There were a few places in Mexico City that people could recommend as the must-see palaces, but this castle is was by far the biggest (and prettiest) of them all--sooo of course in my dreams to become Queen of every city... I HAD to pay a visit. While the trek to here was pretty long (it took 30 minutes to go up and down), I'd highly recommend it because not only was the view incredible, but the palace itself was too! I think I'm ready to move in?!

Artesanias Mexicanas La Cuidadela


If you want to know what moment on this entire trip was my biggest weakness of them all-- it was THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE!! As a rainbow fanatic, I was overwhelmed from beginning to end with the amount of rainbow heaven I was in with each and every little shop and souvenir. Trying not to buy out the entire market was a VERY hard task for to tackle. What's special about this market is that each piece is handcrafted from local artists which makes each piece extra authentic and special. If you want a true Mexico City experience, this is a stop you MUST take part in.

Museo Frida Kahlo


This was one of the stops I was EXTRA excited for on this trip because I LOVE me some Frida Kahlo. And let me just say, her house did nottt disappoint as it lived up to all my color vibes and dreams. I got to see some of her paintings, her real outfits she wore, and of course, there was a super cute gift shop. The line to enter was around the corner when I arrived but it went by super fast! And if you didn't see my Monday Motivation post that was inspired by my visit to her house, check it out here--it'll make you want to check out this house even more. 

Ballet Folklorico de Mexico

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 6.45.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 6.49.18 PM.png

One of the first buildings I saw when I landed in Mexico City was this one and I INSTANTLY fell in love with it's beauty not knowing what it was at first. Luckily my AirBNB was right next to it so once I got settled in, I got to take a stroll around the city and got to take a better look and found out it was the home to the most sought- after show in all of Mexico City. Since I LOVE me some good dancing, I was so excited to find out that there was a show playing during my time here so I suddenly made it as a top priority on my must-do list and I'm so happy I did! This beautiful dance show was a little over a hour and half and worth every penny and second of it. Definitely make the time to go!



What was more challenging than trying to pronounce the name of this place was the trek it to for me to get up to the top of it because the day I went to visit I was stuck in the middle of a torrential raining downpour. But 241 steps later--I made it to the top people!! These famous Aztec pyramids were a site to see FOR SURE. And while the drive there might be far, it's definitely THE tourist sightseeing visit you must add to your list.

Basilica de Santa Maria de Guadalupe

IMG_9891 2.jpg

Last but CERTAINLY not least, you musttt go and visit the Basilica. I mean... it's literallyyy like the Holy Grail of Mexico City because it's the home to the famous Virgin de Guadalupe painting so for Catholics this the absolute must-visit stop. But Catholic or not, the whole place was breathtaking (I mean, look at that view!) and is 100% worth the visit!