My Joshua Tree Place


Photo Credit: Mayra Lozano and Our Joshua Tree Place AirBNB page

There’s No Place Like....This Joshua Tree Home

If you saw from all my Insta Story adventures from this Monday & Tuesday (@iamfashionlaine), you saw that I spent the beginning of the week taking a mini two day vacation to one of the most sought-after and trendiest travel destinations in California these days--JOSHUA TREE. 

I headed down there to do some epic photo shoots for the next latest & greatest Fashionlaine series (stay tuned--they will be coming at you next week!), and I was SO excited that I was FINALLY going to be seeing firsthand this magical place that I've heard SO many people always talk about.

Yet of course, knowing me and my colorful themed ways, no matter where it is that I'm traveling to, I want to feel right at home where I'm staying--which means finding the most colorful places to be. So initially, I was nervous because when I think Joshua Tree, I think nature, dirt, rocks--basically anything and everything UNcolorful. I immediately went on my fave travel site, AirBNB, to help lead me in the way of finding this potential rainbow heaven I could call home for a few days. As I was sifting and sifting and almost got scared and lost hope, it was as if all of a sudden the rainbow housing lords came shining in on me out of nowhere because it was then when I came across the epically adorable house titled "Our Joshua Tree Place".

Pretty much falling to the floor as I started going through more and more photos of this place, I felt as if the owners Jen and Justin just instantly GOT me. Like... if I were a Joshua Tree home--THIS would be it! From the breezy and welcoming living room to the fun and perfectly decorated four bedrooms, and NOT to mention the cutest backyard filled with a fire pit, hammock, and colored seating chairs that were calling my name, this place couldn't have been ANYMORE of a dream.

While my stay was short, I know I'm totallyyy going to be coming back here and I recommend it for all of you to stay at too! Click on the link below to check and book their place on AirBNB and follow them on Instagram @our_jt_place.

Stay tuned for my next travels!

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